Paul Cook 

Worst voting record in Congress

  • "F" 40% Rating from Mark Levin's Conservative Review (CLICK HERE)

  • Cook voted to allow military funds to be used for sex-change surgeries (and then claimed Trump made him do it!)

Here's a number of links to all the stories on this vote, and none of them ever mention President Trump requesting ANY Republicans vote to allow this policy to continue.  In fact, depending on the outcome of the mid-term, it may have been our only chance to end this dangerous policy.  Because Mr. Cook voted with the Democrats against us, we lost the vote by a handful of votes.  None of the stories mention Pres. Trump requesting any Republicans to vote FOR funding sex-change surgeries for gender-confused people in the military. (CNNWashington Post, Daily Caller, and  LifeSite News)

  • Voted to fund Planned Parenthood (even after videos came out) More articles click here.

  • As an Assemblyman, Cook voted for Amnesty for illegal aliens, when he voted for AB353 to exempt illegal aliens from a California law requiring their cars be impounded when they are caught at DUI checkpoints.

  • Cook received a weak rating for such a staunchly conservative district: a C- from NUMBERS USA

  • Cook has voted for every Omnibus Bill. Including a massive $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill under President Obama that funded Obama's Refugee program allowing 300,000 more Muslim refugees to come here right after the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack (CLICK HERE)

  • All known interest groups ratings (CLICK HERE)

  • Cook bet $5000 Trump would lose--recently confirmed by Assemblyman Obernolte's wife Heather, at a public meeting that was recorded on tape.

  • Refused to sign a letter condemning Jerry Brown's $54 Billion gas and car tax increase (CLICK HERE)

  • Cook voted to fully fund Common Core and Obama's entire Education Agenda

  • Charles Munger Jr., a San Francisco Bay liberal BOUGHT Paul Cook a seat in Congress by spending almost $1 million on his behalf, when it was an open seat in 2012 (CLICK HERE)

  • Authored a bill requiring helmets when riding Rhino's and RZR's. Prohibiting children and small adults from riding and banning the modification to add a third seat. (CLICK HERE)

  • Cook hosted a bipartisan Fundraising with Jerry Brown to discuss raising taxes and selling out on his pledge not to raise taxes (CLICK HERE)

Tim Donnelly

Proven Conservative voting record

  • Fought to free imprisoned US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican jail. Protested by Governor Jerry Brown and Mexican President (CLICK HERE)

  • Tim Donnelly received the Highest Rating from NUMBERS USA, acknowledging his years of activism on the border. They call Tim a TRUE REFORMER

  • Featured in a Netflix documentary titled 'Targeted: Exposing the Gun Control Agenda' (CLICK HERE)

  • Tim Donnelly founded the Minuteman in California and actually 'BUILT A WALL' in 2006, and dared the Federal Gov't to stop him! May 2018 Tim led the Minutemen back to the border and their wall is still standing. (CLICK HERE)

  • Tim Donnelly introduced the Arizona Law to end Sanctuary Cities

  • 100% Pro-Life, votes and speaks out (CLICK HERE)

  • Led the effort to repeal CA's Forced Vaccination law (CLICK HERE)

  • Tim Donnelly predicted Trump would win (CLICK HERE)

  • Tim Donnelly led the statewide effort to repeal the 'Dream Act' by traveling the state for 3 months gathering signatures

  • Most outspoken defender of the 2nd Amendment in California. Always got 100% from Gun Owners of CA, Firearms Policy Coalition and highest marks from NRA.

  • 100% rating from American Conservative Union

  • Signed a ballot initiative to repeal the car and gas tax and made it impossible for the state to ever raise these taxes again

  • Endorsed by John Kobylt of the John and Ken Show (CLICK HERE)

  • 100% rating from Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and California Taxpayers Association

  • Tim Donnelly led the charge against common core in California

  • Had the CPS Audited after they kidnapped a child because the babies parents wanted a 2nd medical opinion (CLICK HERE)

  • Additional Fox News Clips... (CLICK HERE)

District 8 Map

PAC's in favor of Cook -2016

  1. USA Bus. Freedom PAC = $23,750

  2. Howard Ahmanson = $7765

  3. CA AFL-CIO = $421

  4. Stand with America = $100,000 (Cop Union/Various Special Interests)

  5. (Munger) Spirit of Democracy = $160,984

  6. Cooperative of American Physicians = $35,002

  7. Defending Main Street = $14,500

  8. Nat'l Assn of Realtors = $5317

  9. Labor Union = $180

  10. Carpenters Union = $144

  11. CA Teachers Union = $100

  12. USA Bus. Freedom PAC = $7,300 (Spent $ to help Democrat Rita Ramirez)

Against Cook - 2016

  1. Jobs

  2. Opportunity & Freedom PAC = $12, 971 (Indians/Oil/Individuals)